• To assist UVA researchers by offering free consultations for issued related to computationally-intensive research ( Tiger Teams)
  • To serve researchers through education, consultation, and the management of shared computer resources


  • To change the culture of computation at the University of Virginia via education, outreach and curriculum development and support
  • To serve as a statewide resource for high performance computing
  • To foster a multi-disciplinary ethos
  • To assist the University of Virginia in planning, managing, and acquiring computational resources

UVACSE Tiger Teams

Our staff assist researchers through “Tiger Teams,” in which UVACSE staff teams with researchers to address challenges in their research, whatever the need.

UVACSE has assisted in over 100 Tiger Teams, facilitating cutting-edge research in disciplines including: Biology, Astronomy, Economics, Physics, Engineering, Architecture, English, Education and Medicine.

Tiger Team research projects have focused on a variety of topics including: the origin of mitochondrial DNA, text analysis, black hole astrophysics, super-resolution microbiology, and the habitat of endangered species.

UVACSE Outreach Activities

  • Week-long High Performance “Bootcamps”
  • Intensive Summer School for Computing in the Environmental Sciences (ISSCENS)
  • Semester Long  Course offerings
  • Departmental Assistance
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Presentations to Department and Faculty Groups

UVASCE Resources

UVACSE provides resources for computational research including:

  • Linux-based commodity clusters
  • Software Applications
  • Storage resources including national resources
  • Programming language Communities
  • Computational Science Journals/News/Blogs
  • XCG- the Cross-Campus Grid available to researchers who wish to run a large number of jobs



Dr. Huband working in the Viz Lab
Dr. Huband working in the Viz Lab

UVa Advanced Computing Services & Engagement

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