"ARCS played an essential role in our analysis of plant genomes and gene expression. The rapid advance of DNA sequencing technology has been one of the most exciting developments in the field of biology in recent years. But these advances have come with increased computational requirements that often cannot be met with local computing resources. Simply put, we could not have completed this analysis without ARCS. The dataset generated by this project is now available in an online database that is being accessed by labs all over the world. The dataset also represents an important tool being utilized in an ongoing project that was funded by the NSF to study the interaction between multiple genomes within cells." Douglas Taylor, Commonwealth Professor, UVA Department of Biology

"ARCS has been vital for launching my research project in the field of computational particle and nuclear physics. In my case … some preliminary work had already been accomplished previously and it had provided a successful initial test. It had, however, also stalled due to the difficulties in interpreting and connecting the different parts of the code. Thanks to ARCS we have now a completely reorganized code using Fortran 95 that is flexible and well documented. Our interaction could not have been more successful. I lend my highest support to the ARCS team. Our case is indeed a success story. All of the goals in assisting my research project by addressing optimization, parallelization, workflow, and data management issues were accomplished ideally." Simonetta Liuti, Associate Professor, UVA Department of Physics

"The second stage estimator [of my research project] was computationally very intensive since we needed to compute the distribution of the residuals and unobservables for many parameter values and at many points of the distribution. This would not have been possible without parallelizing the computation. To this end, Ed Hall’s contribution has been fundamentally crucial for this project. I can state here that without Ed's contribution this paper would have never been completed." Federico Ciliberto, Associate Professor, UVA Department of Economics

"ARCS has been instrumental in helping my group identify computing resources available through the TeraGrid infrastructure that are appropriate for a project of our scope. In particular, with the help of ARCS staff we were successfully granted a startup allocation on the Ranger computer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). This resource has proved to be an enabling technology that has carried our work from the proverbial drawing board to reality. At the current date, we have successfully performed nearest neighbors queries over 1012 training patches in ~80 minutes using 4,096 processing cores. The same feat would require roughly ~228 days of processing on a single computer!" Jason Lawrence, Associate Professor, UVA Department of Computer Science