Getting an Allocation on the HPC System

The new HPC System is allocated. To get an account on the system, you must have an allocation. Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for an allocation; graduate students must be sponsored by a PI.

Getting an allocation is a two-step process.

  1. The PI must create a MyGroups group in advance to assign students and others to the approved allocation. Note: for compatibility with SLURM, MyGroups group names should consist of lowercase letters, digits, or underscores only.  Please do not use spaces in the group name.
  2. The PI can request an allocation.
    • A "Trial" allocation can be requested through our Trial¬†Allocation Request Form.
    • A larger allocation will require a proposal submitted to the appropriate Research Dean (for researchers from CLAS or SEAS) or to the DSI (for researchers from all other units).

Time will also be available for purchase through funded projects. See your Research Dean or the DSI for information about this program.

Users may access the frontend nodes through for full use and for job submissions.

Please note: connections must be made via secure shell (SSH) clients such as SecureCRT or PuTTY.

Remote desktop connections may be made through FastX.

Connections from off Grounds must use the UVA Anywhere VPN client.