Allocation Types

Research Allocations are by project and are associated with a Principle Investigator (PI).  Allocations may be acquired by a grant from the common pool (Trial and Standard allocations), by a grant from an administrative unit (Administrative allocation, currently available from the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Data Science Institute), or by purchase.  Free allocations have the possibility of renewal for the duration of the associated project.

Instructional Allocations are for classes and other training purposes.  They generally allow only limited access and are terminated at the end of the academic term (for courses) or training session.  A faculty member interested in an instructional allocation should create a MyGroups group with the rubric of the class, or a name for the training session, and fill out the instructional allocation form.


Faculty and postdoctoral associates are eligible for all research allocations.  LSPs and other non-research staff are eligible for Trial allocations.  PIs must be affiliated with the University of Virginia. 

Graduate and undergraduate students should obtain their access through a faculty advisor.  Outside collaborators may also be added to an allocation once they have acquired UVA Eservices credentials from ISPRO.

Service Units

Service Units (SUs) are based on one core-hour of usage.  Each allocation grants core hours.  SUs are deducted by multiplying the number of cores requested (not used) and the number of hours used (not requested), along with any scaling factor that might be approved for a given queue.


Trial Allocations

Obtaining an initial allocation is a two-step process. 


  1. The PI must create a MyGroups group in advance to assign students and others to the approved allocation. Note: for compatibility with SLURM, MyGroups group names should consist of lowercase letters, digits, or underscores only.  Please do not use spaces in the group name.
  2. The PI must then request a “Trial” allocation through our Trial Allocation Request Form.
  3. LSPs may renew Trial allocations annually, but they are one-time grants for researchers.
  4. Trial allocations are for 5,000 SUs.

Standard Allocations

Research PIs may request a Standard allocation.  Standard allocations are 50,000 SUs.  Standard allocations require a short description of the research project and a discussion of the computations to be performed.

Instructional Allocations

Administrative Allocations

A short proposal can be submitted to one of the units that fund the system in order to obtain a large quantity of time.  The appropriate unit depends upon the PI's affiliation (College, SEAS, or other).


Time can also be purchased.  Purchasers are granted a higher priority in the queue.  Purchased SUs do not expire.