Summer Education Series

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Would you like to learn the basics of high-throughput and parallel computing? Do you want hands-on high performance training that you can apply to your research? If so, then we invite you to attend one or more sessions in ARCS' Summer Education Series. The sessions are free for all UVA faculty, staff, and students. Topics include how to program in Python, scientific visualization, modern Fortran, data analytics, MPI for distributed systems, OpenMP for multicore systems, and more! Lectures on relevant topics will be delivered during the morning sessions; afternoon sessions offer hands-on practice. Continental breakfast and snacks will be provided. Attendees are responsible for their own lunches.

Session1 (May 31-June 2): Introduction to Programming in Python--This three-day intensive session will teach the fundamentals of programming for science, engineering, and social sciences using Python. This session is suitable for beginning programmers. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Session 2 (June 7): Introduction to Scientific Visualization--Advanced visualization using Python, ParaView, and VAPOR. Rendering images with various tools. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Session 3 (June 8-9): Programming in Modern Fortan--This two-day session will teach programming in modern style using Fortran 2003/2008. Attendees should be moderately proficient in programming in some language. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Session 4 (June 12): Introduction to High-Performance Computing--This one-day session will teach Unix usage, basic bash programming, and using a resource manager. Optimization of serial codes in Python, C++, and Fortran will be covered. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Session 5 (June 13): High-Performance Data Analytics--This one-day session will introduce attendees to data analytics on high-performance systems and cloud systems. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Session 6 (June 14): Introduction to Parallel Programming Using OpenMP--This one-day session will focus on programming with OpenMP in C/C++ or Fortran. Attendees must be proficient in one of those languages. We will also cover multicore programming in Python. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Session 7 (June 15-16): Introduction to MPI and Accelerators--This two-day session will introduce attendees to distributed-memory programming with MPI and to the use of accelerators, including general-purpose graphical processing units (GPGPUs) and Intel Phi accelerators. Attendees must be proficient in C/C++, Fortran, or Python. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED